The Lincoln Cathedral Library

LibraryFirstly, apologies for not posting recently, I’m coming up to the last three weeks of my BA so university work has taken priority (over what feels like ALL aspects of my life).

Recently, my parents came up to visit me, which was a welcome break from my studies! I took them to visit the Lincoln Cathedral. Situated at the top of Steep Hill, we opted to go on a tour that takes you to the top of the Tower, to take advantage of the picturesque views. They were truly breath-taking! Whilst I was there, I couldn’t resist the chance to take a look around the Library!

The Library consists of many documents, ranging from 15th Century Manuscripts to 17th Century early printed books. Although many items have restricted access, when I visited there was a very helpful guide there who was more than happy to answer any of my questions. Also, if you arrange it prior to your trip, you can have a guided tour of the Library.

It was fascinating to be able to look such historic texts, and it was great to see how well preserved and cared for they were. I also enjoy learning about the rich history of Lincoln- I go to university here so it would be a shame not to learn about the areas past.

On the 4th May 2016 I will be returning to the Wren Library of the Cathedral. The University has invited me to attend a symposium of the MA Students from the English School, as I have secured a place to continue study on an MA in 21st Century Literature in September 2016. I can’t wait to return- I love the fact that the university is engaging with one of the many historic locations in Lincoln. The fact it is the Cathedral Library makes it even better!


Thanks for reading! Is there anything similar near you? Have you visited anywhere of historical importance recently? Are you from an area with a rich history? Or, have you found a new bookworm spot? Let me know below in the comments and please like and share!


2 thoughts on “The Lincoln Cathedral Library

  1. Eleanor says:

    This post just makes me want to read your blog more, I’m obsessed with books and this place looks amazing. I haven’t been anywhere lately that is even mildly cultural which is so bad but I hope to go somewhere in the next half term – great post and good luck with your BA!

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