Lindum Books (Lincoln)

As I am due to leave Lincoln until I return in September for the MA, I have been celebrating my freedom from exams by exploring the city! I love the up-hill part of Lincoln, as you will have seen my previous ‘Trips Out’ posts are situated around this area.

During this weeks adventure I came across one of my favourite things: an independent bookshop, Lindum Books. It is situated in the Bailgate section of the Cathedral Quarter, and also next to the amazing Ice Cream Parlour. This is automatically a winner for me- books and a plethora of ice cream flavours- yes please!

Lindum Books is in keeping with surrounding aesthetic of the Bailgate area, mixing the traditional look of the outside with the large bay windows, whilst inside offering a contemporary, clean cut space. I am gutted that I didn’t find this bookshop sooner; Lindumalongside offering current fiction/non-fiction and new releases (upon entry I spied Caitlin Moran’s Moranifesto) there is also an excellent classics section, many of which I needed to read throughout my degree. But the best part… upstairs they have a second-hand book department! As I’m sure many students would tell you, grabbing materials for your course at a bargain price always stirs a feeling of triumph! But for any reader, a saving here and there is certainly appreciated. I will definitely keep this place in mind when sourcing texts for my studies next year.

Naturally, I couldn’t leave without making at least one purchase…. At one point I was clutching six books in my arms, remembered that I hadn’t done the food shop, and decided as an adult I cant justify not eating for the week in order to feed my fiction addiction. Regular reader’s will not be surprised to learn that I kept hold of an Ian McEwan that I have not yet read, The Children Act. However, the abandoned five are now on my summer hit list!

As a final point, the staff were really friendly and informative, and Lindum Books has a fabulous range of both fiction and non-fiction. For me, it was the perfect independent bookshop!

Do you have a favourite independent bookshop near you? Do you prefer independent to branded stores, or both? Have you discovered some new books you simply have to get your hands on? I would love to hear from you, so please like and comment, it would make my day! Thank you very much for reading.



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