Review: Moranifesto by Caitlin Moran

I haven’t read any non-fiction for a while, so when it came to taking a dip I decided Moranifesto would be a perfect reintroduction to the form. As part of my Literature, Film and Gender module at university we read Moran’s How to Build a Woman. I have also read the fictional How to Build A Girl, so was eager to see how this text compared.Moranifesto

First of all, I really enjoy Moran’s writing style. It is ridden with wit and honesty which is often sprinkled with anecdotes for good measure. Mornaifesto is a collection of Moran’s thoughts on current socio-political issues ranging from class conflict, to a personal favourite “Why Can’t Life Be More Like a Musical”. Each segment of the text is broken up into separate musings of particular topics, making it a diverse text where the reader is consistently confronted with something new. This is brilliant as you can read for hours with your attention grasped, due to the shifting subject matter, but alternatively could dip in and out as you pleased.

Another really enjoyable feature of the book is that often, when Moran is arguing a point, she uses personal experience as an explanation for why she thinks or feels a particular way. This was something I re-discovered that I enjoyed within the non-fiction genre. There is an opportunity to get to know the writer behind the words, thus intensifying the role of the author regarding the reader’s relationship with the text.

Did I agree with absolutely everything Moran said? No… But that’s not what is important here! It doesn’t necessarily matter if you agree with Moran or not on some of her points. The way she confronts and raises the issues of our time are done in such a personable way that it engages the reader and provokes their political consciousness. In my book, prompting questions about the society we live in is always a good thing! Moran has used her influence to engage those who might not otherwise question politics and the current state of society, which I think is fabulous.

Alongside these more complex topics, Moran also treats us to some hilarious tales, such as the time she popped over for tea at Benedict Cumberbatch’s house! The mixture of these light-hearted moments alongside the more serious are a perfect blend that keeps the book feeling fresh to the reader. It is this freshness and constant engagement that makes the book work so well- hoorah for Caitlin Moran!


So, yes, I would absolutely recommend! If you give it a go please let me know how you get on! I always love hearing your thoughts. Have you read Moranifesto or any other texts by Moran? What did you think? Please let me know your views in the comments! Thank you so much for reading.


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