Why a Book is the Perfect Christmas Gift

img_3828Firstly, apologies I have been quiet recently. Life has been a whirlwind and I only just feel as though it has calmed down! I graduated (yay) which was a truly amazing day, then worked full time to save for my Masters, and now feel like I have finally settled into my studies (alongside working a new part-time job). PHEW! Despite my upcoming assessments I’m determined to breathe a bit of life back into the blog.

So, with the upcoming festivities in mind (and a jibe from my boyfriend’s housemate about books being boring), I thought what better post to begin with than explaining why a well chosen book can be a brilliant Christmas gift.

Of course, if you know someone truly loves reading, a book by their favourite author may seem like a natural selection. Perhaps you could try expanding their horizons- is there a lesser known text by that author? Or maybe you know of a work that shares some common themes with the fiction that they enjoy? For example, one of my friends really enjoys Dystopian fiction and relishes books like The Hunger Games trilogy. I’m fortunate enough to be studying a Utopian and Dystopian Fiction module as part of my course, which means the reading list alone offered me a range of ideas. I chose Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go (2005). Although not an obvious dystopian text, the themes explored and questioning of humanity is something I feel she will continue to enjoy in this work. I encountered the text through an academic syllabus, but it is also highly regarded in popular culture, as noted by it being a Top Ten Bestseller. Who knows, hopefully she will enjoy the text, but maybe even go on to discover a new author that she likes and continue to read some of Ishiguro’s other books.

Now, one book I can’t reveal (as you may note from it being wrapped up in the picture) is in fact a gift for a member of my family, who is kindly one of my blogs fans. However, I can discuss why I chose this particular book. This family member is not necessarily an avid reader, however they have recently taken up a new outdoor hobby. I found this non-fiction text details great spots for the outdoor pursuit (again, apologies for the vagueness). It also  includes information they would want to know for the sport, alongside other useful sections if they were wanting to make a weekend out of the trip. A non-fiction text about someones hobby is a great gift. Firstly, you are showing that you do take notice of their interests, but also you are giving them something that will help deepen or enrich their passion. I personally doubt my person will get through all the tips and locations in the book anytime soon, so (at risk of sounding like a Christmas cliche) it will be a gift that keeps on giving.

The final book is something that was actually a present to me, but this does mean I can offer the other perspective. I am a massive fan of the Olympic Long Jumper Greg Rutherford, so I was extremely pleased to open his autobiography Unexpected (2016) for my birthday. I had only started following Rutherford after the Super Saturday at the 2012 London Olympics, so it was really interesting to find out more about his background and what formed both his sporting career and the athlete he is today. Also, like many, I can be a bit nosey when it comes to celebrities lives so enjoyed finding out more about his journey so far. Similar to the above, I was also touched that someone had taken the consideration to notice a  particular sportsman I liked and found something they knew I would enjoy. Popular personalities often release or promote their autobiographies and biographies around Christmas time, so there is bound to be something out their that would be of great interest to a family or friend.

So, although a book may not initially seem to be the most interesting gift, I hope I have shown that actually it can be an excellent and thoughtful present. It can be something that shows consideration and may open the recipient up to many other possibilities, such as new authors, or enrich a preexisting passion. Finally, I think anything that might allow someone to enjoy reading and get into all things books is never a bad thing.

As always, I love to get feedback from my posts. Have you ever bought someone a book as a gift before? If not, would you consider doing so now? Have you received a book as a gift that you loved? Please let me know in the comments and thank you very much for reading!