The Brilliance of Blogging (OVL JunJul ’16)

Now, this isn’t necessarily like my usual posts, but since this blog granted me the following opportunity I couldn’t not write about it.

When I first set up my blog, I thought a good way to raise awareness was to contact local newspapers and magazines. I also have a career goal of working in editorial, so I thought reaching out to local publications would never be a bad idea.

I live in the local circulation of Ouse Valley Living (OVL), and always enjoy dipping into their editions. OVL are an independent, luxury lifestyle magazine which covers a wide range of topics, meaning it can spark interest in 16000+readership. Therefore, back in April, I thought it would be a great idea to enquire about advertising my blog with them.

However, I could not believe the reply I received! I was offered the opportunity to write a 500 word article about blogging and so naturally I jumped at the chance. They gave me a generous time frame in which to complete the article, and the editor was so friendly and helpful it truly was a pleasurable experience.

OVL posted me a copy of their JunJul 2016 edition as soon as it was back from the printers. I felt really proud seeing a piece of my writing in print, especially with such an excellent publication! Aesthetically, their designers have made the article look sleek and modern, in keeping with the general look of the magazine. They even included the image I usually use in association with my blog, and included the link to my blog at the bottom of the work.

I can’t thank the team at OVL enough for allowing me such an amazing opportunity, I am truly grateful! Take a look at their JunJul issue at the link below, you can find my article on page 55:

Thank you for reading! I always love to hear from you, so please comment away and feel free to like the post.